Allergies have been with us for hundreds of years, however, they have become much more common over the last few decades. At , you’ll find news on the progress being made on some very promising solutions to this particular medical concern.

DBV-Technologies is a French company that’s been working on hi-tech, yet simple ways of tolerizing allergy sufferers to a number of allergies, including peanut, cow’s milk and house dust mite antigens, through the creation of adhesive ‘Viaskin’ patches.

Electrospray technology is an integral part of the production of the Viaskin milk patch

You can find out more about each specific product on the dedicated ‘Viaskin products’ section of the website. A lot of the potential of the Viaskin approach lies in the highly-sophisticated technology used to manufacture the patches, combined with the simplicity of its application. The electrospray technology pictured below plays a crucial part in applying very even layers of antigens to each patch. The fact that the antigens are electrically charged helps them to adhere to the patch’s backing. The patch creates a condensation chamber with the skin, super-hydrating it and enabling the antigens on the patch to transit through the skin, thus beginning the desensitization process.